Available speeches include:

Personal Development

  • Men’s Fashion: 4 Tips to Dress Better
  • Distinctions for Life. Small changes that make a big difference.
  • Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly [Inspirational]
  • 5 Things I Learned Studying Self Defense
  • Birthday With A Zero. Fire. Fall. Jump.
  • What is real? (A speech of nothing but questions)


  • Entrepreneurship
  • How to be a Failure In Business (Overcoming)
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • Achieving Your Goals With Networking Done Right
  • Marketing:
  • Social Media: What your non-profit needs to know
  • Social Media: How to take advantage without getting overwhelmed
  • Email Marketing – How To, Doing it Write, Basic Copywriting
  • Keys to creating a good website.
  • Questions everyone should answer before building their website.

Public Speaking:

  • 5 Things you learn from Toastmasters that have nothing to do with speaking.
  • How to give a speech
  • Know Your Audience
  • 4 Public Speaking Things Every Business Person Should  Know and How to Learn Them.
  • Don’t Waste This Moment (How to start a speech)
  • How to give an introduction

Computers and Technical

  • For non-programmers:    Understanding The Difference (Computer Vocabulary)
  • For Programmers:
    International Addresses: Where Ethnocentrism meets Programmer LazinessTactical Programmer: Writing better code at the function level
  •  Swift
  •  iOS/MacOS programming
  •  Python


  • The newbies Guide to Tea
  • Science Fiction: The Classics of Robert Heinlein
  • The Special Baby Story: How to tell you child they are adopted
  • Britishism: Two Peoples Separated By A Common Language
  • The Ketogenic Diet
  • How To Build Podcast that Lasts (Anything having to do with podcasting)
  • The narrative of Our Age: Video Games
  • Scrum: Horrible Name, World Changing Methodology