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Abilenians need speakers. Abilenians want to speak on a wide variety of topics.
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Chido Man





After-Dinner Speaker
Motivational Speaker
Informative Speaker
Humorous Speaker
Inspirational Speaker

Speech topics include:

  • Everybody can be a Super Hero
  • Super Powers
  • All you Need is Love
  • Compassion

Robyn Conley

The author of thirteen books, Robyn is known far and wide as The Book Doctor. Robyn’s published titles include a diversity of topics, such as the biographies: John Grisham, Cartoonists, Alexander G. Bell, as well as these juvenile reference books: Meerkats, Depression, Motion Pictures; and The Automobile.  She has sold to major magazines, such as The Writer, Writer’s Digest, ABA: Student Lawyer, Victory! The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and many others.

Robyn speaks on writing and on spiritual topics. See a list of presentations available here.

Keith Carroll

Keith was born in Durango, Colorado, to the crazy household of a large red-headed family. He grew up in Early and moved to Abilene in seventh grade – He went to Lincoln, Abilene High, and without even looking elsewhere, Abilene Christian. Keith is married to Morgan and has a beautiful baby girl named Cameron.
Keith enjoys having friends over for a BBQ, playing games, visiting local breweries, and traveling around the globe. A lifelong learner, he enjoys listening to NPR, as well as podcasts and audio-books. Read more here.

Denise Coulter

 As an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, I am certified to facilitate, speak, train and coach individuals and groups in the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth. Trained and mentored by John Maxwell and mentors of his world-class faculty, I am equipped with the tools, resources and experience to help you and your team improve your productivity, performance and profitability. Whether you are looking for a facilitator for group workshops, corporate training in leadership, speaking, sales, or coaching skills for your leaders, or a speaker for your next event, I have access to exclusive content that is only available through a certified Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team to help you reach your goals and objectives.

Ron Davis

Ron Davis is a polymath, which means he knows a little about a lot of different stuff. He’s been a Programmer, photographer, paramedic, and podcaster. After two decades as a Mac programmer, working on everything from anti-virus software to compilers, he now has his on software and consulting company, Reactuate Software. There he solves people’s problems, on the iPhone, the Mac, and the Web. He is available as an After-Dinner Speaker, a Motivational Speaker, an Informative Speaker, and a Persuasive Speaker. Speech categories include Personal Development, Business, Public Speaking, Computers and Technical, and miscellaneous.

Suanna Davis

Jobs, hobbies and interests include English professor, reader, historian,  researcher, writer, homeschooler, blogger, cosplayer, Toastmaster, speaker, and fashion. She is available as an After-Dinner Speaker, an Informative Speaker, and is comfortable with the use of PowerPoint or similar media.


Reneé Gaskin

Reneé hails from “The Banks of the Chattahoochee,” Columbus-Ft. Benning, Georgia. She is a mother of three and a veteran of the U.S. Army. She currently works in medical laboratories as the Evening Laboratory Tech at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater and fills in at a lab in Winters. She is an award-winning motivational speaker, especially with young people, currently taking courses in leadership and working as a Junior Achievement volunteer.

She enjoys horseback riding, crocheting, travel and is an avid reader.  Most of all Reneé principally identifies as a an Oklahoma SOONER for Life.
  • You Can Make a Difference
  • Dream Amplification Blueprint
  • Take Charge of Your Life

See more here.


Jacob Groves was raised in Lubbock before attending ACU in 2008. After graduation, Jacob worked for Disney Cruise Lines. He met his wife Marisol while working for the Mouse and they were married in 2016. He has been working for the ACU Admissions office since the summer of 2016. He joined Toastmasters in 2017. He has a passion for working with students to help them achieve their goals in life. His ultimate dream job is owning and running a summer camp where he can pursue his career passion and hobbies. He loves to be outside, garden and occasionally exercise. Topics and subjects include: Motivational: Do the New, Planting the Seed, Fighting Stress; Humorist: Big Families, The Tale of the Mer-butler, Myrtle the Fish;Environmental: Why Compost?; Children: Anyone Can Cook: Pizza, Anyone Can Cook: Cookies.

Diana Hartmann

Unlike most women, having your roots show is a compliment to Diana Hartmann. The West Texas native views what others might think of as trash in their past, as stars leading to her treasure, messages of hope. Her trials brought her to recovery, the very fuel for her passion to help others seeking freedom from addictions.

A retired accountant and entrepreneur, Diana’s flair for life makes her a sought-after recovery coach.  She uses her past to empower the future of others with her messages of hope.  An author and speaker, she will enliven and encourage with her messages of self empowerment. See more here.


Dennis Regan

An Avid Toastmaster, Dennis has achieved the Status of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). His ongoing 8+ year journey has seen him holding a variety of club level offices as well as serving in District offices. He currently serves as Chair of the Abilene Public Library Advisory Board. Retired from the Air Force, Dennis now spends his time with various Toastmaster projects or with one of his several hobbies. Read more here.

Barbara B. Rollins

Barbara B. Rollins is best known as a judge, sworn in as Judge of County Court at Law #2 for Taylor County April 1, 1988, retiring December 31, 2010. She was appointed on the death of her successor to finish the term, serving from September 2016 to December, 2017. She has degrees from McMurry, Scarritt College for Christian Workers, and the University of Texas School of Law and practiced law nine years. She has written eight published books and as a principle in Silver Boomer Books is identified as an editor and contributor to eight anthologies.

A former president of Abilene Writers Guild, a former club president and area governor in Toastmasters International, a Rotarian for thirty years, a genealogist and perhaps the most knowledgeable person on the history of Texas women judges, she has more books to write and speeches to give. See more here.


Penny Vieau