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People in Abilene, Texas, need speakers…for workshops, meetings, retreats, seminars, training, to learn how to…, to motivate, to entertain, to educate, to excite, and for countless other reasons. The setting may be a service club; an interest group in photography, travel, writing, finances, genealogy, books, movies, whatever!; a class in an educational setting, a faith-based group, a business; and plenty of other settings.

People in Abilene, Texas would welcome an invitation to speak about cars, vegetables, animals, the reality show phenomenon, the origin of alphabets, the history of tobacco use, DNA evidence, law from the standpoint of lawyers, peace officers, service agencies, women in the military, herbs as medicine,
greyhound dogs, how the cold war ended, helicopters in combat, animal communication, how the Ramanov family influenced Russian society, illiteracy, stress and its effects, civil disobedience, how metal detectors work…name five more by clicking here!

Abilene Speakers Bureau is a group of volunteers to develop a way to bring the two types of people together. Show your interest by liking the Facebook page.

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